We wanted to share some of the wonderful
feedback we have received. If you order from us
and have comments, (hopefully good ones). Please let us know.
I ordered back in June a buy BOGO on a few muslin backdrops. I ordered
them very close to my event date, and they arrived in time, exactly
what I was looking for and of the highest quality
material for my money! I was very happy with my purchase. I will be a
customer forever! Thanks Owens
Richard Frasher Photography
My name is Johnny Reese and I purchased the photography equipment on Feb 09, 2011. And due to the time that I needed it I had it sent 2 day shipping. Not only did it get to me on time everything was intact. And I was able to do the job I was hired for. I want to say Thank You for your business and I will be doing more business with your company in the future.
Sincerely Yours
Johnny Reese
Dear Brad,
I just had to email you with my thanks as a very satisfied customer!! I have ordered from you three different times now and I have not been disappointed!! Your web site it fantastic and what I love the most about your web site is the help you provide through the "help videos" you post. I can not tell you how much that influenced me to purchase your products. I am an amateur photographer with a GREAT BIG passion for it!! I am learning and, let me tell you, you guys have helped me a lot. When deciding on a studio lighting package (I picked the VU-Pro # 5 package with the V-COOL Pro Fluorescent) your video on how to assemble the octoboxes and the backdrop system gave me much confidence!!! Plus the little "tips" you give in the videos was a big help!! My most recent purchase was the "Green Screen Wizard Combo #3". I was very impressed with your site, once again, with the help with Win-Zip. I did not have that installed on my computer and was able to download it through you web site. Plus, when you sent me the email to download the Green Screen Wizard Pro - I loved the complete instructions that came with the email explaining step by step what to do!! Very impressive - and I didn't have a bit of trouble with the download OR using the Green Screen Wizard Pro!!! What reassurance to know I could contact you if help was needed!!!
I'm not sure how big your company is or how many people you have working for you BUT please know this - whoever is in charge and taking care of your web site and making your help videos they are doing the RIGHT THING! What a relief it is to find such a nice company as yours!!!! You can be assured I sing the praises of MuslinsCheap, Inc. and tell my friends about you!!
Thank you, so much!!
Brenda Zimmerman
Dear Owens-Originals,
I just had to write and tell you that you guys are amazing!! I ordered on the 15th and I got my items on the 17th! I am impressed with my product and will recommend anybody that has a need of this nature to your web-site! Thanks again for your prompt and meticulous response!
Best Wishes,
Nancy Ludlum
Imaginary Designs
I ordered the Vu-Pro Basic Double Fluorescent Studio Light Kit last week after researching other sites for about 10 days prior to my purchase. Your company had the best prices, but I was leery since I had never heard of your company and couldn't find any reviews. I checked your website about 2 hours after I placed my order, and found that the items had already been shipped. The products arrived on the day that was promised, the box had been damaged but all of the contents were OK. I unpacked everything, verified that it all worked---and the next day tried it out. I was very, very pleased with the light kit, but I was much more impressed with the customer service. Keep up the good work.
Gary Quintana
Hi Brad,
I placed an order with your business a week ago and received my lights and equipment last Wednesday. We are so very pleased with the lights and backdrops. Thank you and we will definitely continue to use your business - and we've told everyone we know about MuslinsCheap.
Christopher Roberts
Lucky Pro
Dear Brad and Owens Originals Team,
I recently purchased the viper 3000 light kit and found it to be a quality product. I am a novice to be sure and was like a small child waiting for Christmas morning when I ordered the product. I have had a wonderful time working with the lights and taking great photos (in my humble opinion). However, I wanted to speak more about the people that work at Owens Originals. I have ordered many things off of the internet and have found it to be more trouble that it was worth and I was very hesitant to purchase an item that I could not put my hands on and that I have no experience with. I called many times with many questions, each time I was received with courtesy and patience and all of my questions were answered if not by the person who answered the phone, then by someone who knew the answer. Shopping with you has been the best shopping experience that I have ever had including the questions I had after I received the product and I will never purchase equipment from any other company. I truly appreciate your time and your patience and wish you the greatest of success in your endeavors.
Jonathan Michaud
Dragonfly by Ginger
Hey Friends at Owens-Originals, I thought your offer of free shipping on the Vue Pro boom and heavy duty light stand ($107 total price) was a gimmick and far too good to be true because the price was about half what I would have paid at a retail outlet in Louisville and the round trip would have been over 300 miles. But I just opened the package, all 21 pounds of it, and discovered that it’s not only all there but the quality exceeds my expectations. I’ve already faxed my paypal invoice to three other photographers because they did not believe me when I told them on the phone. I am absolutely elated with this fantastic bargain! You guys are the best kept secret on the internet. And you can count on me coming back! I am wayyyyyyyyy beyond being a satisfied customer.
Ike Adams
Adams Photography & Creative Services
249 Charlie Brown Road
Paint Lick, KY 40461
Just wanted to send you a quick note, on how quickly the couple orders that I have placed have been turned around. In today’s world, it is not the norm to have such customer service. I normally place my orders around 1 in the morning before heading to work and they are usually shipped by the time I get home in the afternoon. OUTSTANDING!!
The digital backgrounds have been amazing to use and the interfit wireless trigger has been wonderful, no more worrying about someone tripping over the blasted sync cord. You wouldn’t be able to get the snoot with colored gels for the EXD200 digital flash system. I ordered one locally 7 weeks ago and it doesn’t appear that I am going to be receiving it anytime soon. If you could let me know that would be wonderful. I am also enclosing a few pictures that I have taken using your backgrounds, once again thank you for the exceptional customer service.
McDaniel Photo Inc would like to thank you for the excellent service received during the shipment of
our order. We received everything in a timely manner and your associates were very helpful and courteous
during the entire process. Thank you.
Warmest Regards,
I wanted to take a moment and thank you again for all your help. For those reading the testimonies, let me assure you that Brad is not one of these 'sell you what they can' type of retailers. I purchased my first light set through Owen after lamenting over which kit to
purchase for a few months. Brad was always willing to answer my emails and when i did place the order, he was sure not to sell me things i did not need, at least then. I felt very secure buying from someone that was not trying to sell me something. From talking with Brad, i get the sense that he is also a photographer, and thus brings this experience to the conversation. The first time i've purchased equipment and thought 'wow, i have a friend in the business' as Brad was able to put me to ease with the decision i made.
Richard Getz
Hi, I hope this email makes its way to the right person. I spoke with a gentleman in your warehouse on Monday re: returning a damaged item I had received. I just wanted to let you know that the customer service I recieved was the most professional experience I have ever had. As with many people, I have had some horrific experiences with different companies in the past and honestly expected the same with your company, but I was very mistaken.
My wife is an amatuer photogragher and is constantly adding to her vast inventory of supplies and tools. I intend to shop with you for any future purchases.
Thanks again for your great service,
Floyd Grasty
Just wanted to let you know that I am very satisfied with your company. I ordered a backdrop/lighting kit and I love it. Yours is the only site I found that you could buy the complete studio in one package at an affordable cost. Thank you for providing this service. It helped me set up my own studio, which has always been my dream. Plus, the customer service and shipping confirmations and fast shipping were wonderful. A+++++ to you.
Dear Brad,
I'm sending this to let you know that I am exceedingly pleased with orders that I have placed with your company. When I talk to your folks they are always very professional & helpful. They make suggestions in relation to my needs and your inventory. As a pro shooter it's very often difficult to trust that what I order is going to best suited to my demanding needs.....you folks always come through. The last order was shipped within an hour of me placing the order....& I'm no one special to you. Except your girl there made me feel like I was. I'm sending this unsolicited so feel free to post it on your website or in print. I highly recommend to anyone needing pro quality equipment and first class service to deal exclusively with your company.
Best Regards,Leigh Loft
XL'nt Images, LLC
Dear Owens Originals:
I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate your company. I am always amazed that after I order, you send me an email saying it’s been shipped and then it comes in the mail. There’s never a wait. I really appreciate it. There is another company that I have spend several 1000 dollars with and I wait for months to receive their backdrops and there is never communication with them as to when I will get them, I’m still waiting now for 6 months for 1 of them. When dealing with clients and needing backdrops, time is critical to receive them. Thank you so much for your great prices and and your fast deliveries. You all are amazing and if I want a backdrop fast, you are the company to order from. Thank you!!!!!
Karen Andrews Jordan Ashley Photography
Hi Brad,
I don't normally write to vendors like this, but I wanted to tell you that I am very pleased with my Burnt Umber and Sahara Sand muslins that just came today. I have bought cheap muslins from eBay and they've disappointed me. And I recently returned one that I ordered from *** because it was way too orange, and the dye came off on my hands. I was apprehensive about ordering from you, but your online photos of the two muslins seemed to be exactly what I was after, so I took a chance. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the colors were exactly what I expected, the dye/paint patterns were subtle and not overstated, and the material has a nice weight and feel to it. I am only an amateur photographer and I shoot mostly just my kids, but I expect to get a lot of use out of these muslins, and I wanted to thank you for a fine product at a reasonable price. Keep up the good work!
Recieved my background yesterday (Saturday) thanks they are great. I will be doing more business with you in the future!!!
Funtime Photography
Re: Green Screen Wizard
I wanted to send an email and thank you for putting out a product that as a semi professional photographer, I have found that it is fast and easy to work with.
Michael Harvey
Here is a short note to express my appreciation for your courteous service, selection of great products and fast shipment. My background stands and green screen were delivered two days earlier than promised! Everything is in good shape and of high quality even when compared to other brands costing two times more! I can’t wait to order more studio supplies from your company.
From a very satisfied customer
Frank Leung
Dear Brad,
I normally buy backdrops from you, but recently purchased the VP 300/600 2 unit strobe system to upgrade the quality of my studio Work. This was my first go at strobe lighting and I was understandably nervous about such a purchase. I want to thank you for the time you spent on the phone with me, answering questions and instructing me on the finer points of adapting from continuous light to strobe.
I also want to commend highly the wonderful response I received from your company regarding the problems I had with the original shipment. A broken modeling lamp bulb, a "squashed" reflector and a torn reflector umbrella were all replaced in just a few days. Thank you so much for standing behind your products as you do. It is a pleasure to do business with you, and your commitment to customer satisfaction will certainly keep me coming back.
I thought you might enjoy this little story. There is a camera store in town that offers various photographic classes. I was able to bring my VP 300/600 system into the store's "classroom" for a very helpful 1-on-1 tutorial session. My instructor was not familiar with the Vu-Pro line, but was quickly impressed with the quality of the lamps, even more so with the VP remote trigger(s), especially the Vu-Pro 4 channel radio slave kit. When the session was over, he told me that when he teaches the store's course in studio lighting, he usually experiences some misfires during the class. That my system did not misfire once throughout the entire session greatly impressed him.
A few days later during my first (seven-hour!) photo shoot at my studio, the units again performed flawlessly and the resulting images were far superior to anything I've been able to achieve with my old continuous light system. At the time of my purchase you told me I'd see a tremendous difference in sharpness and color with my new lighting system. You certainly proved to be a man of your word.
Again, thank you for your help and service.
Bill Tricomi
Hi, Just had to write with a great big
Thank YOU!
For getting my backdrop to me in the time I requested! I have dealt with a lot of customer service people through the years, but never have I dealt with such truly friendly and caring people as yours! From the CS folks to the person at the warehouse, they all were so friendly, and made me feel like mine was the only order that mattered at the moment!
Trust me, I’ll be back...and I will tell all my colleagues about your wonderful prices, quick shipping, and outstanding people!
Mike DeLong
Dear Brad;
I am just amazed that there are still businesses that are a pleasure to deal with! So far I have made 2 purchases from you and your delivery time and customer assistance is amazing! My first order was placed on a friday (after hours) and it was at my door tuesday morning (WOW). my second order was the wrong product (my fault for not asking) and when I called and asked for assistance, you were more than helpful. You told me what I needed and shipped it the same day you received my returned item. THANK YOU!!!!
Sincerely, Tim Hawarden, Ia
Dear Mr. Owens:
Just to let you know that I received the Patriotic background and that I am extremely happy with both, the quality of your product, and the speedy shipping time!
Thank you!
Pete Estrada Photography
10036 Lexington Estates Blvd.
Boca Raton, FL 33428
Dear Owen's Original's team:
I just wanted to show my sincere gratitude for the wonderful customer service you provided us. There was a slight problem with the shipping company with losing our shipment and you guys were extremely helpful and provided some of the best customer service I have ever experienced by making sure we got the products we had ordered in time. I thank you very much and want to make sure you know that we will always be coming back for any of our photography needs.
-George Wang
I would definitely like to leave a testimonial as follows......
Thank you so much! Excellent products and service. Very fast shipping!!
I purchased a JTL1000 Ever light kit, back drop stands and a muslin.
I am absolutely delighted. I will be back.
Simon Griffiths.
The muslin came two days after we ordered it! Great service! It looks good, and we are looking forward to using it. Keep up the great work!
Dan Charland
I just wanted to write you a quick note and say thank you! I ordered a background from you a few days before Christmas- it was supposed to be an item that was dropped shipped and would normally take two weeks to arrive- to solve this problem you custom painted a similar background (taking into consideration my requirements that actually made for a vast improvement over the drop shipped item) and managed to get it to me in time for me to give it as a present for Christmas. It looked magnificent! I was amazed at how easy it was to make this happen. In a world where customer service is a highly valued commodity- you provided some of the best I've ever received and backed it up with a quality custom product. Thank you very much and keep up the good work!
A newly loyal customer,
Jon Wiedyk
Hi Brad,
I received the backdrop today. (Boy, that was quick!) I love it. I will definitely be ordering more backdrops from you. I like to have several for my clients to choose from.
Thanks so much for you promptness.
Mary Patterson
Dear Brad, Carol, and the MuslinsCheap team,We ordered a Smith-Victor Pinnacle Series tripod through you -- see invoice below for order information. We received our product today,
December 11th, about 6 business days after we placed our order, and I wanted to let you know that we are very satisfied with all aspects of our transaction with MuslinsCheap.Your customer service was terrific from start to finish, the product is of excellent quality, and the shipping process was very speedy. We could not be more pleased to have done business with you!
Thank you very much for all of your help.
Hillary Dresser
Thanks Brad for ALL you have done! The order from JTL arrived this evening. I opened one of the 800's and a soft box and WOW what a nice unit - took a couple of shots of my dog on the sofa - and she never looked better! Once again thanks for you help and advise on the JTL strobe package and I'll recommend you in the future.
Mark Jarrett
I just wanted to tell you that your service and product that I received is AWESOME!
It was shipped within hours of me ordering! The Muslin itself is beautiful! Expect to see me back : THANK YOU!!!
David Burke Photography
Mr Owen,
I recently purchased several of your digital backdrop CD's (last
week to be exact) and I have to say that they are probably one of the best
investments I've ever made! I'm an amateur photographer with some decent
success with digital photos, so I don't send feedback on anything I've used
so far. But I had to write and tell you that the greatest compliment I've
ever received was when I went to a local Walmart and developed some test
photos (containing your backdrops) on the instant Kodak machine. When I got
to the counter to pay, the clerk asked to see my original prints because
professional photos have copyrights and they aren't allowed to copy them!
Well, after several minutes of explaining the process behind the photo, I
was allowed to purchase my "professional looking" photos and leave. Of
course, with a big grin on my face. Your digital backdrops are outstanding,
and have given me another valuable resource to use while developing my
skills as an accomplished photographer. Thank you.
Morris Lowery Jr
Norfolk, VA
Just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your company. I did a
lot of research before placing my order, and found your prices at or below
almost all others. The free shipping is what sold me however! Once I
placed the order, it was only a matter of a few days before it reached
me. I am very impressed. This is such a great service, and I look
forward to doing business with you again.
Amber Klemish of Klemish Photography
Hi Brad,
I just wanted to send along a fun photo I have put together. I just received the digital background CD's yesterday, my lighting is due to arrive tomorrow... however, I was able to put together this design. Your products arrived timely and my questions were answered promptly...your CD's are awesome and I know I will have a great time coming up with fun ideas. It's been a pleasure doing business with you.
Sincerely, Lisa James
I just wanted to thank you for the job you did for us. Everything
worked out great! Thanks again.
Peter R. Cirino
Creative Director
American Diagnostic Corporation
Thank you! This lighting system is perfect and easy to set up.
Putting the bag together was the difficult part. ha! Thanks so much
for your assistance in choosing my lighting system for this banquet.
I'm confident that I will have accurate color in my pictures now.
Thanks again,
Penni Royston
I spoke to Brad on Wed. I received my order today, Friday. Great service guys!
Arnie Shafer
Shafer Studios
The Difference IS Experience...Experience The Difference!!
Thank you for your prompt delivery, wonderful service and great support in
our recent purchase of a background. I appreciate your efforts in helping
us make some great images for our clients and look forward to bringing more
business to MuslinsCheap Inc.!
Robert Rogers
Director of Photography
Baylor University
One Bear Place #97024
Waco, TX 76798-7024
(254) 710-3841
I would just like to commend your company on getting the order we placed yesterday to us today. We really needed to have it in our office by today and we did. Thank you so much for your wonderful work to insure we received the package as promised.
Happy Holidays!!!
Stephanie Harrell
Technology Administrator
8245 Tournament Drive, Suite 120
Memphis, TN 38125
I am a customer of yours and just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to your company for the quality products and services you have delivered to my studio. Not only were your products gorgeous and sturdy, but they were delivered ahead of schedule and I didn't have to wait forever to receive them once I ordered them. I have recently purchased a background from a different company, and I think it was the biggest mistake I could have made. I didn't receive the product on time, got over-charged, and the product looks horrible!!!!!!! I will never order from them again, and I am sorry that I didn't order it from you. You have the lowest prices and the best looking backgrounds! Keep up the great work!!!
Lee Meyen
Meyen Portrait Studio
Rosenberg, Texas
Hello Brad,
I just want you to know I received my Mushroom Prop. It's what I expected and more. I love it! Thank you for offering such great products at your store!
Hi Brad,
Just wanted to say thanks for your kind service. I would appreciate it if you would email me an invoice of the transaction at your earliest convenience. Once again thank you and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.