Softeez transcript continued

Up tall, put the other foot behind what do you call it. There, and sit tall, turn and look at the source light. One, two ... That's nice, one more. Now lean just slightly. I'll get a little closer, looking up at me. Beautiful, nice. Big smile Jill. Up again … Good girl, there. These pictures are life-like and real, and they give you a sense of depth that is hard to beat with muslins that wrinkle and give you an idea that there something within a few feet behind you. Anyway, [Jill 00:02:23] is going to help me. We're going to switch over to another background here, and I'll show you just how quick and easy it is. Set that off to the side. These backgrounds on this particular side of my studio, are on a rail system. As you can see again, no special care is needed. I'm just putting them down, and lets just roll them out, push them over, stuff in the corner, and they'll be good to go next time. My back comes here. There's another scenic I have fixed. I'll be showing just a couple today. If I can get you to hang that up... Jill: Am I tall enough? Okay. These especially hang on nicely onto carpet and floors without slipping. I like, I actually prefer them on my carpeted floors. I had them made for my low ceiling in my basement, so I have set my backgrounds up to be eight feet, and then I have a much longer mind for depth [appeal 00:04:04] on the floor. Again, very nice. I don't need much of a kicker light because I have kind of a light source on the background. Just for a quick one [Jill 00:04:18], would you like to just stand again, come up part way into the light. Back up and step turn, point your toe. This one's ready to go … Good girl. Now turn this way. Good. There, good girl. All right, so this is my rail system. I'm just going to have the camera change angles, and we'll show you how it works on the roller system in just a sec. Thanks. Hi, we're back again. On this side of my studio I have a roller system. I have actually three of the Softeez 3D backgrounds. These work well on either the rail system or this. [Jill 00:05:21] if you just want to grab that side. This one I've used the most. Actually it's quite handy. [Inaudible 00:05:28]. There, just like that. In a little time, my light studio has a very big look using these backdrops. Make the little tweaks … reach there. Again, I generally tend to use three or four lights. I'll be using ... A hair light on my model, a back light just to give a little bit of shine. This particular model has a beautiful floor, and it actually can make you look like your flying, which is fairly unique. Is it straight there? Here we go. Okay, we'll pop in a little chair, and [Jill 00:06:33] will come work her magic. Okay. Then go have seat there … There we go. How about a ... There we go. Get some legs in the picture. How about the other one up too, and we'll do a little cross and dangle. Very cute. Here we go. Yeah. How about bring your legs down, towards the camera just a little bit. She's a beautiful model so she makes my job real easy. Just sit on back. Okay. All right. I think we're going to move it [inaudible 00:07:57] on the back. You're going to sit in a cross position [inaudible 00:08:08]. Just sit on your bum right there for a minute [inaudible 00:08:11]. There, stop. [Inaudible 00:08:23]. With this background, we'll have to shoot down at the subject. We'll still end up with lots of floor. Now switch sides. Bring this one across your arm. Okay, good. Look at me. Nice one. We'll get angles. Roll it again please. All right, we're just going to switch this background out, for another one. Again we'll show you how quick this can turn around. When I'm on location, I just set up one 10 foot wide background stand, and these go up every bit as quick. Okay, this is my newest favorite background. [Inaudible 00:09:47]. Tracy: Then we straighten it. I'm going to pull it this way. [Inaudible 00:10:05] … Actually there's some tuck right there, so I'll move this over just a bit. Then we're pretty much ready to go. Okay, good. One more time down here. There we go. Good to go. You've got almost a seamless colorful background. Now if you'll come stand here … peering over the shoulder just a little bit. Mm-hmm. (Affirmative) Again, note we have four lights. We have a kicker light. Looking right at me [inaudible 00:11:07. Look up, there, good girl. Close ups or full range. This background and all the others to give you all the versatility in the world that you need. Anyway, thank you the MuslinsCheap and the Softeez 3D outcomes . You can contact us: By phone:(785)-325-2026 Fax: (785) 325-2498 By email: CLICK HERE By Mail: MuslinsCheap Inc. Customer Service 211 C St. Washington, KS 66968