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Watch a video about how we paint our canvas backdrops

We are one of the few (if any) American companies that still hand paint our own canvas backdrops right here in Kansas-USA! It is a lost art form that will probably die with Brad Owen. Check out this video to see how it is done. Transcript: Brad Owen: I'm Brad Owen of MuslinsCheap. I think, kind of like The Last Of The Mohicans, I may be the last American backdrop painter. I thought maybe before I stop doing it that we give you a little tour of how we paint backdrops. It's basically the hand painted canvass backdrops. This is Ted and Larry. They help out in our warehouse and also help paint canvas for us. They're cutting 5 X 6 canvasses off a big roll in the back room but now this canvass that they're cutting is a hundred percent cotton artist canvas. I think we may well be the last company that still uses this stuff. It's a hundred percent cotton material. Real canvas. We did for a short time try using PVC canvas which is imported Chinese product. It only cost about a third of what the cotton canvas like this cost but it doesn't paint nearly as well and I don't think it's as durable. Cotton canvas has to be hung and stretched on the wall before it can be painted and that's what the guys are doing here. We have sheet rock walls in this paint room. The canvas gets stapled directly to the wall. It has quite a stretch on it. When it's wet it has to be all stapled in. It's fairly labor intensive but I think that the outcome is well worth the work.

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Watch an excellent video about our "Softeez" Backdrops by Tracy Kerestesh-Canadian Photographer

Softeez Backdrops-The best material for backdrops we have ever seen!

Tracy: Hi, my name is Tracy Kerestesh, from Tracy Portraits. I'm here to tell you all about the wonderful backgrounds, the Softeez 3D backgrounds from MuslinsCheap. I just have gotten these backgrounds in the last two weeks, and I love them. Yesterday they were on the location shoot, and I just brought them back in a garbage bag and hung them up. As you can see they're wrinkle free, they just stretch right out, and they're just wonderful views. They're very life-like and just really ... I'm going to do a few shots with them. Just come over here, sit nice and tall, point your toe. I'm using 3D 4-lights, I'm using my [key light 00:01:28] here off to the side, a hair light, a back-kicker light, and a fill light here on one side. .