About Us

Owen's Originals Value, Service, Integrity. Owen's Originals was founded in 1978 by Brad Owen. Brad was an art teacher in the public schools for many years and began the company by hand painting backdrops for photographers. At that time nearly all backdrops sold in the USA were still being produced here in the United States. Brad was always proud of the product he put out, treated his customers fairly and tried to offer a quality product at a fair price. Over the years, things have changed-not only in the backdrop market but in nearly every market in this country. Cheap imported products from Taiwan, India, Korea and now China have driven prices down on many goods and put a lot of American companies out of business. Here at Owen's Originals, we are not afraid to tell it the way it is. Even though many of our competitors would lead you to believe that the products they sell are made in this country, the truth is that most are not. Although, we did not want to import foreign products, several years ago it became apparent that if we were going to stay in business, it would be a necessity to do so. The main reason for this was cost. Our competition began lowering their prices as more and more inexpensive products became available. Soon, the selling price for musiln backdrops fell below what it cost us to buy the raw material and produce them here. Also, as American textile mills were forced to close, it became impossible to buy American made muslin. So, now, although you can still buy an American painted muslin from us, it will be painted on Indian material. As we are now forced to sell imported goods, it has become our mission to find and sell the best quality merchandise and to offer the best customer service. Although Vu-Pro is an imported line of products, we stand behind these items with American pride in our reputation as an honest company to deal with. That reputation has been earned over the past three decades. We are a member of the Better Business Breau and invite you to check our report HERE You can contact us: By phone:(785)-325-2026 Fax: (785) 325-2498 By email: CLICK HERE By Mail: Owen's Originals Inc. Customer Service 211 C St. Washington, KS 66968